We study the fluid dynamics of the various scales from aerospace to human body through a combined approach of experiment and numerical simulation. The major topics are multiphase flow dynamics and medical applications of the fluid dynamics including the human body simulator development project. The keyword of our study is the inter-connected effect of the multiscale physics.

Micro-bubble generation system and its application  more detail

Bubbly-flow is characterised by multi-scale flow structures of continuous and dispersed phases, ranging from micro-scopic (interfacial molecular) level to macro-scopic (vortical and bubble/particle-clustered) structures. A range of flow phenomena involving bubble are studied extensively (including transition of flow behaviour through Marangoni effect, path instability of a single bubble and turbulent modification by bubbles).

Medical spplication of HIFU  more detail

Since the demands for non/less-invasive treatments in medical applications are becoming ever higher, ultrasound and micro-bubbles attract interests for focusing/releasing the energy at the desired position in a body. We conduct fundamental studies of HIFU treatment for tumour/kidney-stones and gene transportation for drug delivery system, based on the mechanism of heat-generation/diffusion by ultrasound waves and its enhancement by micro-bubbles.

Bio-flow  more detail

The micro-cardiovascular system facilitates interchange of biological substance between the tissues. Also, the behaviours of RBCs result in vital phenomena, over a range of scales, from molecular/ion exchange through the membrane to the blood flow in a blood vessel. We study the macro-scopic fluid flow in blood vessels affected by the micro-scopic behaviour of the blood cells. Also, the study of biological cells from a view point of mechanical engineering is applied for development/rapture of micro-capsules (with the same constituent as the bio-membrane) for drug delivery syste

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